Laurence Heath was an American writer


On February 23, 1963, Heath - then known by his birth name of Leonard Heideman - killed his wife, Dolores Hearn, whom he had married in 1955. They had gotten into an argument and had physically assaulted each other. Heath grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her several times. Either just before or just after the killing, Heath attempted suicide (it was never conclusively established as to exactly when). Neighbors who heard her screaming called the police, who arrived and found her dead. They arrested Heath and took him to a local hospital, as he was covered in blood, naked and babbling incoherently. At his arraignment a judge ordered him to have a psychiatric examination, and three separate psychiatrists subsequently examined him; all agreed that he was legally insane. He was declared unfit to stand trial and committed to a state mental hospital in Atascadero, California. He spent 14 months there and in 1964 was declared recovered. He appeared before a judge on the still-extant murder charge and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. He was set free. He later changed his name legally to Laurence Heath.[2]



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