The eminent astrophysicist, Professor Lindstrom, has proof that aliens have landed on Earth and are planning on taking it over. He also believes the aliens are plotting to kill him. The trouble is, neither his doctor nor his son take him seriously, not even after the plane he was supposed to be in blows up in mid-air. One man believes him: David Vincent. David meets with the professor, but only after a phony preacher and a fake chauffeur fail to prevent the meeting. Meanwhile, the son suffers from debilitating headaches that have no normal cause.

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Season 1
Beachhead I The Experiment I The Mutation I The Leeches I Genesis I Vikor I Nightmare I Doomsday Minus One I Quantity: Unknown I The Innocent I The Ivy Curtain I The Betrayed I Storm I Panic I Moonshot I Wall of Crystal I The Condemned